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Fourflex Multilayer Compression System

Fourflex Multilayer Compression System


For the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency and associated edema.

Effective appropriate compression.

Extended wear time.

Absorbs drainage.

Efficient packaging.

Contraindicated for patients with severe arterial disease.

Multi-layer compression bandages may be left in place for up to 7 days.

Dressing change frequency will depend on amount of drainage.

Kit includes:

Padding Bandage (4" x 3.8 yd., 10.2 cm x 3.5 m) unstretched;

Light Conforming Bandage (4" x 3 yd., 10.2 cm x 2.7 m) unstretched;

Compression Bandage (4" x 5 yd., 10.2 cm x 4.6 m) unstretched;

Cohesive Bandage (4" x 3.2 yd., 10.2 cm x 2.9 m) unstretched;


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