K4 Extra-Wide Lightweight Wheelchairs

SKU MDS806575

K4 WHEELCHAIR,22W,DESK-L ARMS,SWING_AWAY LEGRESTS.NET WEIGHT W/O FOOT RIGGINGS 34 LBS, W/FOOT RIGGINGS 40 LBS. IT HAS NYLON BLACK UPHOLSTERY AND HAS A DUAL AXLE THAT ALLOWS TO CHANGE IT INTO A HEMI POSITION 17 FLOOR TO SEAT.IT COMES WITH COMPOSITE FOOTPLATES AND URETHANE REAR WHEELS. SWING BACK DESK LENGTH ARMS, WITH PEDAL RELEASE MECHANISM. WITHOUT RIGGINGS 33.74LB, WITH RIGGINGS 42.74LB. HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE BACK FROM 16 TO 18./Swing back arms with easy flip back arm release./Armrests and calf pads are upholstered and padded./Quick release axles allow tool-free removal of rear wheels./Dual axle hemi-height adjustable; Adjustable height back./Tough nylon upholstery./Arm styles available: swing back desk length and swing back height adjustable desk length; Leg style: detachable footrest and detachable elevating footrest./Seat sizes come in: 20 x 18 51 cm x 46 cm and 22 x 18 56 cm x 41 cm./Optional accessories: O2Holder item MDS85181U, Anti-Fold Device item MDS85196, I.V. Pole MDS85183, O2/I.V. Combo item MDS85190, Anti-Tip Device item MDS85189WK4, Seat Extension Kit for 18 wide only item WCA806922EXT,Tinnerman Legrest Locks item WCA806991.

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